Welcome To My Blog – Introduction

Through The Wisteria
Shepherds Heart, Alvarado, TX

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Anna Cropley. The picture to the left is what I am looking through as I write to you. Do you believe that God has a deep affection for you and wants to talk to you as a father and a friend? So do I! So I started this blog to share what He tells me, so that friends, like you, can begin to hear Him for yourselves or just add to what you are already hearing.

I hope you enjoy what you read! I will also share pictures and music, including photos that I take and songs that I write and sing. Soon, I will begin to release here, in sections and chapters, my book, The Joseph Generation: Release of the End Time Deliverers.

I believe there are a whole lot of people who have been waiting on dreams, visions and promises from God for a very long time… or so it seems when you are the one waiting! Like Joseph in the Bible, these people have had dreams from God and then they find themselves, apparently, set on the shelf. God is just about to take us down, dust us off and put us into circulation!!!!  My book basically is meant to encourage the Josephs who have been in hiding. Join me here as I share the book and other reflections from my heart! See you soon!


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